Growth & Equity Leadership Institute

The Growth & Equity Leadership Institute supports school leaders in not just talking about equity, but actualizing it in the day-to-day experience of their teachers, students, and the community they serve.

Focused on the Growth & Equity Leadership Framework, this four-day intensive collaborative addresses the personal, professional, and institutional needs of educational leadership through a powerful case-study learning model. By using these lenses to holistically address the needs of a school, educators create culturally relevant and inclusive environments where each and every student can learn what they need in the way that best serves their unique and diverse interests.

Educational equity is entirely dependent on effective school leadership. Based on years of experience documenting and implementing equitable learning environments, the Growth & Equity Leadership Institute develops growth-minded principals who lead schools in personalizing the learning so that all students are ready for school, college, career, and beyond.

Growth & Equity Leadership Framework:

Authentic Leader

An authentic leader is one who clearly knows who they are, where they come from, and why they do this work. To authenticate leadership, participants will:

Equity Advocate
An equity advocate moves from theoretical pedagogies to applied practice so as to guarantee actual equity for each student. Within this, participants will:

Social Entrepreneur
A social entrepreneur in education embraces proven entrepreneurial practices and applies them to leading a school as a purpose-driven organization. To do this, participants will:

Institute Schedule

The Growth & Equity Leadership Institute provides a unique collaborative learning environment where educational leaders can engage with peers in analyzing their actual practice. Based on the Oxford Tutorial system, participants will participate in applied case studies of successful equity and growth-minded principals. Likewise, each educator will develop a case study of their own school and leadership needs. The goal of the Growth & Equity Leadership Institute is actualizing equity.

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