The Ultimate Privilege: Being Good
By: Curtis Linton
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I was born with majority-status in every way. And with this comes privilege. Now I didn’t choose this privilege — the privilege chose me. Whether or not I like this privilege, it comes at me everyday because this is the way our modern society works. Really, the only choice I have in regards to this privilege is whether or not I consciously process the small graces, the assumed permissions, the pure innocence and unquestioned access that define my daily life. But above and beyond the classes I embody, there is a particular privilege which amplifies all others: that of being “good” — checkbox good. As we now see in Brett Kavanaugh — the self-proclaimed “good guy” in his Supreme Court confirmation hearings, goodness is just the cover needed to mask any past weaknesses and mistakes. But I do not aim to tell Kavanaugh’s story — that is his to own. Rather I intend to tell my own — my personal journey from completely privileged “good guy” to being disrupted in my own entitlement when I could no longer check one of the boxes that defines being good in my community….(Click here to continue reading on Medium: The Ultimate Privilege–Being Good, by Curtis Linton)

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